28 Days Later


The Days are Numbered


Drunken Master

SCORE:  3Beers
Thumbs up like a crack whore drowning her own children

Danny Boyle has made some really kick ass films.   Shallow Grave, introduced us to his greatness,  which he followed up with Trainspotting which could conceivably be on my top 10 films.  The little viewed but unrespected A Life Less Ordinary followed continuing the Trebuchet of actress Cameron Diaz to the 20 million category.  With this he followed with a movie that originally Ewan McGreggor was pissed off at because he wasn't asked to be in the movie after working with Boyle on his previous three motion pictures.  However considering the box office take of this flick you might think he was thankful.  Personally I liked "The Beach" but then I'm a fucked up individual whose idea of a bad ass vacation is spending it drunk as shit in a continuous stupor that lasts 24 hours a day each day of the vacation..  Go to Mexico.....please, do they have terminals for me to game on 24/7?  Ok so I haven't said shaite about this movie.......Let me retort. 

       28 Days Later is a huge success.   Critics have thrown it into the whole horror genre because of the zombie like appearance of the infected.   This is just so wrong,  Did Critics do that with "The Stand" or "Outbreak".   No I think fucking not, and this movie was just as successful as them if not more so.  Both the Male and Female leads in this movie are headed for greatness, I can't think of a better performance in this type of movie.   The basis of this movie is a bunch of tree hugging ass wipes break into a monkey lab to "free"/"kill" a bunch of lab monkeys.   Why know what they're actually doing there, just release the mother fuckers......Needless to say this is one of those labs where they're working on cures for diseases that aren't mainstream yet and end up killing about 99.9% of England.   Good job assholes, why couldn't you have done France instead?  I realize an island is a lot easier to quarantine but still the frogs deserve it more.   So at the beginning we have a guy whose been in a  coma in a hospital from a previous accident who awakes after "28 days" of the outbreak.  They do have 2 extra endings to this movie, however neither is as good as the original so I salute Boyle in his decision.