Bubba Ho-Tep


The King of Rock vs. The King of the Dead

Drunken Master

JM didnít really throw any deterrents at me with his verbal review nor did he throw any teasers that made me want to see this immediately either.  However since JM saw a movie I originally suggested Iím not gonna let that assfuck get his review up first because I still state that Bruce Campbell is the BEST B actor to grace our planet ever, and I mean ever.  His portrayal of Elvis as a broken hip retirement home living crazy man is ungodlikeÖ.no wait it is godlike.  And if there is a bigger fan out there of Ossie Davis besides me, lets have a gloves thrown down death match because heís been in about everything that means nothing.  However his bit roles in Joe vs. the Volcano and his ringside assistant in Gladiator strike me as his best roles.  If Elvis were alive today (he is, Iíve seen him too) he would applaud this movie as greatness that it is.  From the man who made the original Phantasm brings us Bubba Ė Hotep.  Fuck I canít wait till this comes out on DVD so I can get the same viewing satisfaction of repeat playing like that from Army of Darkness.