The inner Beast will be released

Drunken Master

Ang Lee likes drama, so even when he brings a classic hero to the screen he must of course make it dramatic.  After many horrific visions of Captain America, Fantastic Four, Wonder Woman, Dark Man, League of Distinguished Gentlemen......etc. etc. we get this.............How I  want to nail Jennifer Connolly.   That's the who purpose for this film....fuck the CGI, fuck the plot, fuck the comic background, it's all about laying the pipe with Jennifer Connolly.  However I digress from a major point of this movie and that is the downfall of Nick Nolte.  His picture on the Smokinggun website is warranted however considering his hair throughout the filming of this movie it's a bit out of place.   Hammer Knuckle mother fucker , tank that bad ass one trick pony and give this geezer a hall of fame pass.  I just fucking love a good written Opera, the music fucking rocks, much like Elfmans'  Throw the dead, over your shoulder.   I should stop speaking of this movie because the hammered ness I feel right now is just too much.  It's Halloween and it's all good.