Vengeance knows no boundaries.

Drunken Master

SCORE:  4Beers

"Tell me about Jenny."  Beware to all readers.....this is a Steven Sodemize movie, so it will move slow and have kick ass choreography.  Also in Sodemizers movies you get a basic role that is sprinted out of the starting blocks with the actor often overplaying or overacting it.  In this movie we have Terrance Stamp fresh out of prison and having learned his daughter died in a suspicious traffic accident.  Terrance uses his native
accent to excess and also plays an ex-con with such energy and exuberance that it makes me wish he wasn't normally in such shitpiles of movies. As his trusty Hispanic sidekick and former friend of his daughter we have Luis Guzman who in my view is just about as important as John Leguizamo is as far as Hispanic actors.  This is a guy who has been in just about everything from good to bad and still gets work repeatedly.  Peter Fonda who as far as I care could go comatose and died of and Aids infected cyst in his inner ass because his acting is not acting....It's like someone standing in front of you slapping your face every five seconds and you respond.   This is not acting, this is the Rachel Leigh Cook school of acting....this is I need classes on how to act acting.   Thankfully his part is mostly flashbacks of him and Jenny so the strain is not too painful.   However Fonda's
henchman......Barry Newman, now he's good.   A sick evil mother fucker that's always good to have employed with you.   So to round up this ranting Wilson (Stamp) is out to kill dickass(Fonda) and a scheme comes up with a bunch of sideways stories that help flesh out this kick ass flick.