Big Daddy


Nature called. Look who answered.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 8 Beers

The first time I watched this Adam Sandler flick I enjoyed it, upon second viewing I know now why I hesitated to watch it a second time. Kids.....what the fuck do directors think when they cast these worthless pieces of flesh. First off they can't act, only one child actor in recent memory comes across as a competent actor and that would be the Sixth Sense kid. These twins should be loaded in a trebuchet and launched to the horizon where their bodies dash against a solid brick wall. Next off let's not make a movie with kids in it, it will be considerably better...If you must have a kid in your movie let's try the Mork from Ork approach. Have some comedic old man play him like Johnathan Winters would. At least this way I won't have to vomit my way through some ass clown kid's acting debut. God I need another drink.