The Fifth Element


It Mu5t Be Found.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 5 Beers

Before I begin, the proper finger shall be helt up in honor of JM. I know you don't care much for this directors filth but as a true believer in filth I do. This movie was supposedly a dream in the mind of Luc Besson (or whatever) Badda Boom, yeah Badda boom, take your clothes off Milla. The story is a story, a flow through story, not much room for development, cept the fucking war thing. Bullshit, a superior being should be all over that war shaite, not to say drunken master is a Nazi or anything, but the world as a whole ain't going nowhere with a bunch of fucks battling over the so called holy land, unless some dumb ass Nastradameous antifuck comes up and slaps us with a glove. What that meant, decipher it all you want, maybe I'm the next prophet of the upcoming, or maybe I'm just shitfaced grasping at straws of coherency or whatever. It could mean I'm a sci-fi junkie (I am....truly) and I can only hope we outlive our sewage. (Belch)