Hollow Man


Think You're Alone? Think Again.


 Randolph Carter


Plot: A team of scientist discover how to turn animals invisible eventually helping to turn their leader invisible as well as he runs amok raping women and watching them go potty.

Commentary: Kevin Bacon plays the head scientist--a brilliant renegade who leads the shenanigans and wants everything done his way. After the initial success with animals, he decides (on his own, that is), that the experiment should be taken to the logical next step and tried out on him. So, what does he do when he becomes invisible? He feels up one of his lab assistants, watches another use the bathroom, and rapes one hot mamma who lives across the way. Bacon is like a kid in a candy store and does what any heterosexual male in his position would do. Unfortunately the story is completely predictable and is basically just a rehash of so many of the lame scientist-gone-wrong flicks of the past. I was somewhat impressed with his ability to do away with the majority of the cast, as well as a small dog for good measure.

More appropriate title: Hollow Film

Cringe-o-meter: It really got up there in parts, especially when Bacon gets busy going back and forth between visible and invisible modes, all the while insisting on being naked, and we are subjected to several quick glimpses of his package.

Recommended for: Teenagers who havenít seen a scientist-gone-wrong film before as well as sexually frustrated males of any age.

Jurassic Mark

Reply to RC's review of Hollow Man:

So, when Kevin Bacon experiments on animals to make them invisible, and then makes himself invisible, and then feels up his assistant, and watches another girl go potty, and rapes a hot mamma, and kills most of the cast including a small dog, does this all happen in the first 20 minutes?

I'm happy that Hollow Man was a more satisfying experience for you than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Drunken Master
SCORE: 6Beers"

Do you dig Kevin Bacon? If so then this movie could be for you.......Don't ask me to review this movie...seriously.....I think footloose is awesome Therefoe if you want a review of this movie you'll have to wait till after I fill up Elizabeth Shue's tight vagina with my load. I think I've seen just about every movie that Mr. Bacon has been in from Animal House to this shit heap....Granted he's been in a few crappers since this but still......If he's in it then there's a good chance I've seen it. Now don't take Ghost Dog's review of this movie seriously.....he sees about 5 movies every decade. So 2 reviews about every 4 years is appropriate. This movie is by no standards good.....It's actually fucking awful.....with a cast to go right along with the script.......Van Hoven or whatever is a bad fucking casting action director.....basically his movies rather suck.
However you can't go wrong with a cheesy action science fiction movie....blah blah blah blah blah....God damn I'm hammered.....Take that (I farted).....Ohhhhh stinkey. Eat shit with the stick bread meat thingy bought at the state fair.....eat shit. ROCK!