The Quick and the Dead


Think you're quick enough ?


Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

Now this is a Sam Raimi movie, it's got his trademark camera angles and zooms, it's got his finesse, and style. Western movies usually don't seem to hold up too well over time, one such movie as Buzz could attest to is the Legend of the Lone Ranger. This is a shitheap that festered heavily over time. This movie has a kick butt cast, most before their prime. Gene Hackman is at his finest, as is Keith David, Lance Henrikson, Leonard Dicaprio, and the Old Scary Man from Home Alone in his best role yet. Story has it, dead sheriff's daughter goes shooting for revenge in a gun slinging contest in a po-dunk down ruled by bad dude Hackman. Most of the gunfights are rockin, but the first pre-gunfight scene is particularly cool...."These are my boys, they don't get to church much."

Bruce Campbell is in the credits of this movie billed as "Wedding Shemp". What the fuck is this and where is it in this movie. There are no weddings, and I looked fucking hard for him during the entire movie. Cutting room floor maybe but left in the credits?