You are who you eat.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 4 Beers

The more and more I see this film, the more flaws I see. However each and every single time I see this film I also witness greatness, because the first scene and the entire score of this movie have won my heart. The soundtrack of this movie in my drunken limited mindset is pure magnificence. Robert Carlyle plays a cannibal in the mountains near California, and he plays it well. I have nothing against cannibalism, we eat young calves, and I think young children would be just as tasty. Throw some seasoning on 'em and they'd be a fine main course. Baby tartar, Infant Picata, Baby Thighs over Linguini and clam sauce. I get all droolymouthed just thinking about it. Why does man condemn eating animal, fish, and etc.......when the IQ ratio of some animals is comparable with that of our so called "Trash" society? Meat is meat I always say.....Belch......yummy.