The Replacements


Pros on strike. Everyday guys get to play.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 5 Beers

Cheerleaders, who leads a team....or that raging hard on between your legs. Male or Female, have your pick. But if you dig the female kind, then these will not disappoint you. Jon Favreau's performance would also delight those fans of his. But I think I can come up with the most important vital review of this movie.......Jeffrey Lyons of WNBC-New York review of this movie consisted of 2 words on the cover....."Enormously Funny!" Out of the 4 movies I considered watching this evening, his name was on another movie.....Forces of Nature, of which he said, "Outrageously Funny!" Either this guy's head is in a formaldehyde jar collecting dust, or this guy has about a hundred word description for any movie this guy sees.....Funny being one of the hundred. Can this guy write or what. Those of you who think DM's review of movies are better, I beseech of thee to write The New York whatever this fuck writes for and beg to have DM's favorites listed instead.