Samurai X: Trust



Darth Buzz


This is the first two parts of a 4 part OVA (basically a made for TV movie), and it in short kicks ass. The first two episodes focus on the main character Kenshin during his life as an assassin. He rips through about everyone he runs into, making quite an action fest. The animation in this series is very stylistic with "normal" animated scenes that look fantastic and then there are flashes of what looks to be super realistic shots that are worked into the rest of the animation. The overall effect of this style is mesmerizing. You wont see this coming from the limited minds at Disney. Nor would you see the violence and adult subject mater that is dealt with. This is why anime is in many ways is so much better than anything we see from Disney, the target audience is over 18. Did I mention violence? The violence in Samurai X can best be described as rivers of blood. My only gripe (and Jurassic Mark had it too) about the first two parts is that there is quite a bit of flash backs showing Kenshin's youth and it gets a little confusing at times but it is quickly figured out as time goes on so it's not a big deal.