The Tuxedo


He's Not Looking For Trouble... He's Wearing It.


Drunken Master

SCORE: 6 Beers

This movie isn't your father's Jackie Chan movie, but more a of a techno version of one. He obviously again does most of his own stunts if not all of them. Story wise this is about as cheesy as XXX except more entertaining and fluid. It's the clothes that make the man, and as what's his face from the men's Warehouse sez, "I guarantee it!" Personally I think that guy is like the vice president of the hair club for men.....Which makes me think, where's the hair club for women? I mean there are some hairless scary women out there that could scar the psyche of a small child for the rest of their life....And yet no commercials, personally I think it's some kind of feminist plot to keep the man down. It's not okay for us to be bald, but for a woman....Bald is sexy? Excuse me while I go empty the contents of my stomach into the great porcelain receptacle. Back to the movie before Drunkenmaster fades too far, Jennifer Love Hewitt is truly at her best in this movie. Fuck What I thought I acted in last summer and it's sequel What the fuck was I thinking? Granted career wise she's picked some real winners, but then so has Ray Liotta. However JLH is a goddess in the movie and acts quite well for her role, plus there's a slow walking scene with her is a nice dress that's quite nice. Comedy wise this movie isn't crack a rib funny but it does have some surprising moments. If you have a chance, grab a viewing and enjoy the view (JLH).

Editors Note: (Buzz)  Drunken Master keeps trying to get the other members of the Pit to watch this thing... we are scared.