At Sweetwater Prison, The World Heavyweight Champion Is About To Meet His Match.


Drunken Master

SCORE:  4Beers

This movie is basically the synopses of what would happen if Mike Tyson had his life filmed while in prison.....of course it wouldn't be reality TV like but still a movie Hollywood Style. I continue to stand by my hatred of Wesley Snipes, but only while his roles he takes continue to "Hate" other things or people. In Blade I and II he hated Vampires. In the Art of War, he hated Traitors. In US Marshals he hated turncoats. In Murder at 1600 he hated Presidents who liked HoHo's (never saw it). In The Fan, he hated the Fans. In Money Train, he hated scriptwriters and bad acting white mother fuckers. In Drop Zone, he hated parachuters....but he did it mother fucker, just to prove that he was better than those mother fuckers. In Demolition man, he hated the good guy. In Passenger 57......oh baby what didn't he hate. He was a hateful spiteful son of a bitch in that movie. In white man can't jump, it was the white man. In major league, well he really didn't hate anything in that movie, it was just silly. And in Wildcats, he hated the white woman.....NOW HOW in the HELL can a black man hate the white women, ain't she the black man's kryptonite (Undercover Brother)? I ramble, and I ramble good. Anyways the plot of this movie before I get deep deep deep into drunkenness, is that the current heavy Weighty Champion of the world goes to jail and gets the chance to fight theirs. What happens, watch the movie, just don't hate the movie.